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Experienced in product development and brand management.

T&F Apparel Ltd is an established fashion supplier specialising in the design and manufacture of branded merchandise apparel and accessories. Established in 2019, we have built a solid reputation for producing high-quality, fashionable and innovative products at affordable prices.

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Our expertise cover all areas & requirements.

We work on a direct to retail basis. Building relationships with our clients to understand their brand and requirements.

Our expertise are at the heart of what we do and ensures the best final products for each client’s target market. We are also very proud of the collaborations we have worked on with big names in the sports and music industries.

We pride ourselves on the partnerships we have built with our specialist factories worldwide and the subsequent product categories we can offer across apparel & accessories.

With a detailed knowledge of commercial manufacture and technical processes we work closely with our client’s and factory partners. To realise each client’s merchandise requirements and ultimately design, develop and deliver innovative final products at the best price

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Uniform Workwear Solutions

We understand the power of a unified appearance. Our expertise extends to designing and producing custom uniforms for businesses and organisations, promoting a strong and consistent brand image.

Event Merchandise

We have experience creating an extensive collection of event merchandise.


Partnering with us means bringing your brand‘s identity to life on apparel. We collaborate closely with clients to ensure that logos, colors, and design elements harmoniously represent their brand.

At T&F We have an ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you on your merchandise needs.